Barmer tour

Barmer tour

Barmer tour | jaisalmer tour packages

barmer_tourBarmer is a desert town just 153 kms from Jaisalmer and has fortresses to boast off.

This place is primarily famous for its woodcarving, furniture and interiors, carpets, block printing and embroideries.

The centre for embroidery is the Sadar Bazaar and woodcarvings are around the Station Road.

It has an RTDC Hotel and private Hotels too.

Just 35 kms form Barmer is a group of five temples in architectural style known as Solanki.

These temples feature some very fine sculpture and the Someshwara Temple with a multi tier spire is the most impressive.

Since it is very close to the sensitive Pakistan border, foreigners visiting it must obtain prior permission form the District Collector.

Pokran tour

Pokran tour

Pokran tour | jaisalmer tour packages

Pokran1It is located on the junction of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner Road.

It is on route to Jaisalmer and is also a fort town though the fort is not of the dimensions of Jaisalmer or Jodhpur.

Pokran also came into limelight, as it was the site for India nuclear detonation. Pokran is also renowned for its furniture and interior crafts.

The Fort locate about 1.5 kms from the bus stand has an assortment of weaponry, brocade clothes and various games of dice and dominoes on display.

Fort Pokran also offers hotel accommodation with some washed out appeal.

SAM SAND DUNES in jaisalmer

SAM SAND DUNES in jaisalmer

SAM SAND DUNES in jaisalmer

Khuri_Sand_Dunes_jaisalmerSam Sand Dunes, 42 away km from Jaisalmer, is the most popular excursion to see the total sandy bush less desert. It has a truly glorious stretch of sweeping sand dunes.

It is best to be here at sunrise or sunset, and many camel safaris spend a night at the dunes. The best way to see this and other sights around Jaisalmer is to take a came safari.

The standard trip lasts for 4 days and three nights, and offers the opportunity to explore the area in authentic and leisurely fashion, with entertainment by folk performers, visits to villages, and chatter from colourful guides thrown in.

However you can also day trip and go by car. Hordes of tourist arrive just before sun set. Camels can be hired easily and you may be able your favourite picture with a lone camel on a desert track and the setting sun in the backdrop.

Despite the tourist throng, the place has not lost it magic. The desert festival held sometimes in February each year is a big draw and it is full of fun, colour and laughter, cultural events and competitions.

How to reach Jaisalmer

How to reach Jaisalmer

How to reach Jaisalmer


Rajasthan has a number of tourist attractions. The variety of attraction in Rajasthan ranges from places with historical importance to places with awesome natural beauty. The variety of attractions available in various parts of Rajasthan is a major draw for tourists. Tourists often come to Rajasthan and nest in a particular city to visit its various attractions. Jaisalmer is one such city that has a plenty of attractions in the form of forts, temples, parks etc. However, before making a tour to Jaisalmer, tourists must be aware of how to reach Jaisalmer. This will help them to plan their tour in a better way. Moreover, it will also help them to save a lot of time and money.

Jaisalmer is also known as ‘Golden City’. It has a number of tourist attractions. The historical significance of the place is also a major draw for tourists. The city is also easily accessible by various modes of transports. The easy accessibility to the city is one of the major reasons for the growing popularity of Jaisalmer as a tourist destination.

How to reach Jaisalmer by air
Reaching Jaisalmer by air is the most time convenient option for tourists. The airport is only 5 kilometers from the city. Moreover, the city is well linked to a number of major airports of the country. Some of the cities that are well linked by air with Jaisalmer are Jaipur, Jodhpur and New Delhi. This airport is under the surveillance of Indian Air Force. However, the airport is only operational during the months of September to March. Tourists preferring to visit Jaisalmer during other times of the year can make use of the Jodhpur airport. It is only 285 kilometers away from the city. These airports serve the purpose of the tourists who look to reach Jaisalmer within minimum time.

Reaching Jaisalmer by train
You can also reach Jaisalmer by railway. The wide railway network connects the city to other major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and other cities. If you can afford little bit of extra time then traveling by train is suggested. Traveling by train to Jaisalmer will let you enjoy the rural beauty of India.

Reaching Jaisalmer by road
A large number of tourists also make use of the wide network of roads to reach Jaisalmer. This network of roads connects the city with cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. Moreover, the well maintained roads provide a hassle free journey to the tourists.

Bazaars in Jaisalmer

Bazaars in Jaisalmer

Bazaars in Jaisalmer


There are a number of popular tourist places in Rajasthan. Each of these tourist places boasts a distinct appeal. As a result, Rajasthan experiences a huge footfall of tourists every year. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist places. Like most other cities in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer Tourist Attractions also offer a lot of variety. The bazaars in Jaisalmer add to the variety of Jaisalmer Tourist Attractions. These bazaars are one of the most popular Jaisalmer Tourist Attractions. A visit to these bazaars can only get you the real essence of these bazaars.

The bazaars in Jaisalmer attract a huge number of crowds. These bazaars provide a lifetime shopping experience. The Jaisalmer bazaars are the best place to get the true essence of the city. It is also a place where you will know a lot about the habits of the local people.

Items founds in the bazaars in Jaisalmer
Shopping at bazaars in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially for shopaholics. These bazaars sell a variety of items that include shawls, carved wooden boxes, oil lamps, camel leather products, puppets, antiques, embroidery, silver jewelry, old stonework, rugs, tie-dye, hand woven blankets. You will also get a variety of other fabrics in these bazaars.

The presence of plenty of bazaars in this city offers a lot of option to the tourists. However, on visiting the bazaars they may face the ‘problem of plenty’. It is absolutely necessary to be aware of the exquisite items found here. This will help you to collect an item that you can carry back as a memento of your visit to Jaisalmer. Some of the most exquisite items of Jaisalmer are as follows:

Woolen pattu
Finely cut antuiques
Silk and cotton textiles
Carpet made of camel hair

Jaisalmer Bazaars
There are many bazaars in Jaisalmer. Each of these bazaars is worthy visiting. Some of the most famous bazaars in Jaisalmer are as follows:

Gramudyog Bhavan
Gandhi Darshan
Khadi Gramudyog Bhavan (Emporium)
Barmer Embroidery House
Markets in the fort
Bhatia Bazaar
Sadar Bazaar
Seema gram
Rajasthani Govt. Shop

There are a number of tour operators which offers tour to Jaisalmer. Most of them are aware of the tremendous popularity of these bazaars in Jaisalmer. As a result, most of the tours offered by the tour operators include a visit to these bazaars. Book your tour as soon as possible. Get the tour which suits you most. However, it is always suggested to get the tours from a tour operator which has a certain level of experience and expertise. This ensures a comfortable tour for you.

quad biking in jaisalmer

quad biking in jaisalmer

quad biking in jaisalmer | jaisalmer tour packages


quad-bike02 quad-bike01 quad-bike03

First time in Jaisalmer  Adventure Ride over Dunes,This is first Time in Jaisalmer that Desert Safariors brings you another Self Driven Adventure Activity of Quad Biking .

We have no .of ATV (ALL TERRAIN BIKES) 200 cc to 570 cc quad bikes.

The quad biking is unique experience of Riding Bikes over dunes, you can contact us for this adventure rides when you are in jaisalmer. This is activity is only organized by Desert Safariors  in association with